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hinge wing man openers
bumble rizz chat
tinder wingman conversation starters
coffee meets bagel texting assistant
eharmony dating coach
match texting assistant
okcupid ai rizz app

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Tools to coach you online AND in-person:


Dating App Openers


Message Replies


Eliminate "Small Talk"


Natural IRL Intros


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Spruce Up Your Profile


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We spent 1000+ hours fine-tuning our AI texting assistant to produce results that are genuine, highly-engaging, and indistinguishable from human-written messages.

wing ai assistant rizz

“I’m not sure where to start other than by saying “Thank you” for making messaging on dating apps so much easier! I’ve always been a decent texter, but for whatever reason find myself second guessing what to say on tinder, hinge, bumble, etc. I tried a few other "texting assistant" apps like this and this is easily the best – and to be honest it’s not even really that close. It’s sort of like it helps me get over writer’s block… I don’t always use the app’s suggestion exactly, and sometimes put my own spin on it, but it saves me SO much time and energy. I’ve found similar rizz apps super cringey, but this one is surprisingly good. As painful as dating apps can be, I genuinely appreciate you making it that much easier!”

"I love how much time and energy this app saves me. It's really time-consuming texting guys on bumble, and the first few messages normally get repetitive/boring for me - but Winggg makes it so much faster and makes the conversations more enjoyable. This app allows me to reach more guys faster so that I can get to the more important stages (talking on the phone and meeting in person). Plus, I’m not a great writer and the app does a great job helping me to communicate at the beginning stages of texting someone new, and allows me to sound more lively and exciting, especially after a long day of work when I’m tired. Thank you for making dating apps less exhausting!"

Get 5x More Replies

w/ Genuine, Engaging Conversation Starters:

ai dating wing man

Ok, now I’m curious – who would play you in the movie adaptation of your life documented on said Wiki page? 🎥

ai dating coach

The real question is how many of those countries did you get to try their tacos in?🌮 👀

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Craft The 👌 Message Reply

(in your tone of choice: Friendly, Charming, Funny, Playful, Flirty, or Witty)

bumble text assistant

HAHAHA omg that’s even better than a tattoo! 😂 So sorry about your chocolate though…did you end up getting it or did the vending machine win?! 🤔

hinge text assistant

Yes, puppy play dates! My friend has a golden retriever and my pup loves playing with him. Good luck with your training for the marathon! How long have you been training for it?

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Move Past "Small Talk" With Better Questions:

dating coach questions

“If you could go back in time and be a kid again for one day, what would you do and why?”

“What’s something about yourself that not many people know, but has significantly impacted who you are today?”

“How important is personal growth and self-improvement to you, and what steps do you take to work towards that?”

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Feel More Confident IRL:

bar pickup lines

“Hey, can you help me and my friends settle a debate? How do you guys know each other – my guess is from work.”

conversation starters

“Hey! It’s nice to see someone else working remote here today. I haven’t seen you here before – is this your first time? I’m Mark by the way.”

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Turn IRL Openers Into Dates:

ask out on date

“Hey – I hate to cut this short, but I’d love to continue our conversation over drinks this weekend. Are you free?”

ask to go on a date

“I’ve really enjoyed our chat but have to get running. Want to grab coffee next week and continue where we left off?”

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Increase Profile Engagement by 5x:

hinge profile

My simple pleasures

Ice cream.

My simple pleasures

I scream, you scream, we all scream for…? What’s your favorite flavor? 🍦

My simple pleasures…

Chilling with a pint and a rom-com. What’s your perfect ice cream/movie pairing? 🍦 🎬

My simple pleasures

Brain freeze never tasted so good. What’s your go-to topping? 🍦

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Don't Ghost - Break It Off Politely With Ease:

text message
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Some More Love ❤️

Can I give this 10 stars?!

Started using this 3 weeks ago and have had 4 dates since (3 from apps, 1 from my workout group), all started here. I’ve found I just need a little help getting the convo started, and this has been perfect for that. It might seem weird, but even when I don’t use the app just knowing I have it available gives me more confidence.

-Jason J.

Not all girls have game 🤷‍♀️

I suck at conversation starters, so this is a Bumble game changer for me. Since going from the admittedly crappy “Hey 👋” to your messages, I’ve had WAY more success chatting with guys I actually think are super cute. I haven’t historically had the best luck on apps, but now have two dates lined up next week!

-Kelly Q.

Met my gf thanks to you!

So I usually have a hard time chatting with strangers I think are cute… introvert problems lol. Anywho, a few weeks ago I built up the courage to talk with this girl I’ve had a crush on for a couple months (using your suggested intro), and now my gf. Seriously can’t thank you enough for helping this introvert!

-David Z.

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Yes, we use state-of-the-art AI to create natural openers, conversation starters, messages, and other written content.

Not only is the AI state-of-the-art, but we’ve added our own flair to give it a perfectly-human touch!

We spent 1000+ hours fine-tuning our AI model to produce results that are genuine, highly-engaging, and indistinguishable from human-written messages. We’re also continually tweaking, improving it on a weekly basis.

We’ve tested other tools who are trying to do something similar, and we can confidently say that Winggg’s results are in a league of they’re own 🙂

Winggg analyzes dating app profiles and ongoing conversations to create openers, ice breakers, conversation starters, and message replies for you that are contextually perfect and infused with your natural tone – as if you’d written it yourself, but without having to overthink it!

Pickup lines are often thought of as cheesy, generic one-liners that are gross and frankly don’t work. Everything Winggg generates is personalized and polished, since our goal is to foster improved conversations, not cheesy one-liners that lead to stalled, awkward conversations.

Slang for “charisma”, the term rizz is intended to mean the same thing as flirt or charm, while being funny or using cheeky puns in the process.

Absolutely! Winggg is designed to be your ultimate conversation wingman, both online and in real life. Our openers and message replies are funny, playful, charming, and sometimes cheeky. Unlike some of our competitors, our messages are NOT cringey or borderline-offensive.

Winggg works on any dating or messaging app, including Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, OkCupid, and others! You can also use it with regular text messages or iMessages.

Because we’ve spent 1000+ hours fine-tuning our AI to produce genuine, engaging, and human-like messages! When used correctly, Winggg produces messages that end up getting used in over 50% of cases.

Our AI-driven approach ensures that our openers are unique, engaging, and tailored to your match’s profile.

Nope! We focus on genuine conversation starters that go beyond the usual pick-up lines.

While we’re not a traditional dating coach, our AI-driven tools are designed to guide and improve your dating conversations.

We pride ourselves on offering unique, AI-driven texts that are indistinguishable from human-written messages.

Yes! Winggg works with various dating platforms, including Bumble, to provide engaging conversation starters.

Our AI analyzes profiles and suggests engaging questions and openers tailored for platforms like Hinge.

Winggg offers real-time, AI-driven conversation assistance, making it a unique tool in the online dating world.

While we’re not a human consultant, our AI-driven tools offer real-time advice and suggestions, making your dating experience smoother.